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Argo Tea Pomegranatea

Argo Tea Pomegranatea

A high quality tea is not hard to make but rather hard to come by. It seems this day everyone is a wimp and a half. The teas that are readily available are pretty mediocre at best and the good stuff, the top shelf iced teas, are few and far between. The difference between the two is typically that the high quality teas use less and real sugar and have a bit of complexity to them. I don't know what the general public is scared of. Adult flavors? Dude, if you put a can of Brisk next to a bottle of this, or any Argo tea, you would never drink that swill again. I mean it. That tea stings and no tea is supposed to sting. High fructose, overly sweetened garbage. I'm not saying that only Brisk is and sometimes Brisk is good but as far as "good" iced tea is concerned, anything in a can should stay in the can.

This tea is bold and bitter. It's a red tea so it's not as smooth as a black tea and actually tastes a little bit like a mate. The pomegranate is a nice, fruity taste that is with you the whole time but is no overshadowed or overshadowing. It's the well-behaved dog that we all want that knows what "heel" means. Red tea and pomegranate; neck and neck the whole time. No bad aftertaste and just a whole lot of loud flavor. There are four ingredients in this tea, too. It couldn't be simpler: water, red tea, cane sugar, and pomegranate juice. That's all it takes. That's all it takes to shelve literally dozens of gross teas to never be drank again.

Argo is not setting out to destroy the competition, but they could easily do it if they used cheaper bottles and lowered their price. The great bottles house great tea and they know it. It also sets them apart so keep those bottles. You're modest, Argo and you deserve it.

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Mike Literman on October 16th, 2012
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