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Rob's Really Good Pomelicious

Rob's Really Good Pomelicious

Craig loved raspberries. He lived in the country where there were fields that he spent many a summer day foraging for raspberries. He knew how to spot good ones and which ones to leave for another day. He brought some home sometimes to make raspberry juice which was just him crushing raspberries in a mortar and pestle and then pouring the juice through a strainer. It's poor man's juice, sure, but it was also delicious. His mom came home from the market with a pomegranate one day and gave it to him. He had no idea what it was but his mom told him to open it and take the seeds out.

He opened the fruit and his eyes lit up. He had never seen so many seeds in all his life. He crushed them up, poured that juice through a strainer and drank it. It was fruity but it was bitter. He tried to mix it with his raspberry juice but he couldn't get a good mix. It was too sweet and too bitter. He tried mixing it with water but, as he expected, it just lessened the flavor. He needed something else. His grandma would make a wonderful, lightly sweetened black tea whenever he came over so he went over there and got a big gallon of it to bring home. He mixed all of the juices together and had it: a lightly sweetened tea with real raspberry juice in it. A little bitter, yet a little sweet with a strong fruit juice flavor that he would drink as much as he could.

His mom couldn't always get pomegranates, but when she could, she did because she actually really liked Craig's concoction. The whole family did and that made Craig very happy.

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Mike Literman on May 23rd, 2012
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