Scooter's Cool Cream Soda (1 review)

Cooper's Cave Ale Company Scooter's Cool Cream Soda

Cooper's Cave Ale Company Scooter's Cool Cream Soda

It looks like Scooter is all excited to head home and crack open a nice cold bottle of cream soda. He looks so happy and it looks like he can't get home soon enough. Looks can be deceiving my friends. I propose that Scooter is not racing home to have a nice. I believe that he is actually fleeing the scene of a crime. A crime that he perpetrated at the Cooper's Cave Ale Company.

If their Butter Beer was ant indication, Cooper's Cave knows how to make a high quality soda, especially a cream soda. I believe little Scooter went into the brewery and messed with the levels. For years he had been trying to get them to develop a cantaloupe flavored soda for him. It haunted his dreams and he needed it rushing over his taste buds in waking life. Mr. Cooper always brushed him off, but this morning Mr. Cooper was in a bad mood and he snapped art little Scooter and told him harshly that they would never produce such a soda and that the little festering bowl of dog snot should just leave him alone. Scooter ran out crying. After he calmed down, he decided he wanted revenge. He snuck into the brewery when the workers were on lunch and decreased the flavor by half. Now there was twice as much water to everything else ratio. Bad news bears. It left the batch very plain and uninteresting. The cream soda was more of an aftertaste. Looks like Scooter won this round. I wouldn't cross him if I were you.

Seriously though, I don't know if I got a bad batch of what, but the levels seem really off in the bottle. As I said their butterscotch cream soda was insanely flavorful, and this just pales in comparison. Something is awry.

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Jason Draper on November 13th, 2011
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