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Peace Tea Sno-Berry

Peace Tea Sno-Berry

Hitch the dogs to your sled, because you are going on an adventure. The Peace Tea company has hired you to travel out into the Arctic Circle to harvest sno-berries for the newest flavor in their line. We told them that we have lived up here in this winter wonderland for our entire lives and that we have never heard of sno-berries before, but they said we would know them when we saw them, and gave us the coordinates. Since you’re the rookie of the team, and we just want to watch these Gilmore Girls DVDs we got in the mail, you’re the one who’s going out to harvest the bounty. It shouldn’t take you more than a day to get out there and back, so don’t pack too much junk. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Welcome back. Now that wasn’t all that bad was it? What do you mean all there was out there was a bunch of blueberries? Do you think they really would pay top dollar for this expedition just to get blueberries? I mean I guess they did say they had never actually seen the berry or tasted it, they just liked the name and wanted to use it for their new tea. What is it that you’re eating there? Raspberries? Well that gives me an idea, let’s charge them a small fee to juice the berries for them, as it will save on shipping anyways, and we’ll mix blueberries and raspberries together to give it a slightly weirder taste. Now that’s some good thinking on my part. Maybe they will want to do some repeat business. Why is everyone laughing? Why is everyone saying “Oi with the poodles already?” Now I’ll have to rewatch the episode. Get to juicing those berries.

The above scenario is what I imagine happening in my head. It’s the only events I can imagine that would lead to this tea tasting the way it does. Obviously the tea is named sno-berry because it’s made with white tea and berries. I’m not that dense. The thing is that the company claims that it’s white tea with blueberry, but when you drink it there is the taste of some raspberries in the mix as well. I’d like to think that someone pulled a fast one on Peace Tea and mixed the berries together.

Otherwise this flavor stands out in their line. The use of white tea was a nice touch, and it’s evident in the taste. It has that slightly bitter taste that always accompanies white tea. Even though it has a ridiculously strong berry smell when you crack it open, that aspect of the flavor is a little bit more reserved than it is in their Razzleberry tea.

I can’t wait for this to make its way into more stores. As of now the only place I have found it was a tiny gas station in Richmond, VA. It needs to come to New York, so I can have easy access to it.

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Jason Draper on October 1st, 2013
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