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Sangaria Gettin' Cool! Strawberry Soda

Sangaria Gettin' Cool! Strawberry Soda

I came across this gem at an Asian market. With a name like "Gettin' Cool! Strawberry Soda", how can you not give it a try? I can just imagine the Japanese television commercial for this. Sadly I could not find a commercial for it, but I'm sure it would be amazing.

This is the same company that makes Ramune, so it's no surprise that the bottle is unique. Unlike most bottles, which are made of plastic or glass, this is aluminum. I wonder if two R&D people at Sangaria sat in a boardroom for hours arguing the pros and cons of cans vs. bottles. Then around hour number five, the new guy comes up with the idea of an aluminum bottle to make both of them happy. They rejoice, shake his hand, and give the design team a call.

As far as taste goes, this was the first strawberry soda I've ever had. It was okay. It was sweet and smooth, with a decent strawberry taste. I probably wouldn't pick it up again because it wasn't that amazing.

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Derek Neuland on February 3rd, 2011
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