Stress Herbal Iced Tea (1 review)

Arizona RX Stress Herbal Iced Tea

Arizona  RX Stress Herbal Iced Tea

I am a classic fan of Arizona Iced Tea, namely, the green tea with honey. Then, out of nowhere, I just stopped drinking it. There are a lot better quality teas out there for my, nay, our consumption. This tea, though, is pretty good. It's light. I drank it at room temperature, so it was more "tea" and less "iced tea" so it was more smooth and subtle, rather than cold and sharp. This tea is infused with chamomile, valerian root, and ginseng and you know what? You get a little bit of that on your tongue. A little bit of herbal aroma is all you need. You even get a little bit of the decaffeinated black and green tea, but a nice, genuine aftertaste, not a bitter, bitey taste.

For being a high fructose corn syrup beverage, this doesn't have that terrible lingering aftertaste.

I condone this.

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Mike Literman on September 9th, 2010
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