Sumatra Dragonfruit (1 review)

Bai 5 Calories Antioxidant Infusions Sumatra Dragonfruit

Bai 5 Calories Antioxidant Infusions Sumatra Dragonfruit

Every day when I go to work I have to walk past a coffee shop. I do not like coffee, but I do enjoy the smell. It's not one of those "Oh, it brings back so many memories." things, it just smells good to me. I don't want to turn into one of those kids that are way too young to be hooked on the stuff, though. I despise people who say "Oh, I need my coffee," or "I had like 6 cups of coffee today," or the classic "Don't get me wrong, it's not like I haven't had coffee in years and am, for some reason, holding a grudge. I try a sip here and there and it just never gets me.

Here's where I feel I can blend in with society. This Bai stuff has been nothing but incredible. The fruit of the coffee bean can be used to add antioxidants to juice, tons of them according to a (probably biased) scale on the side of the bottle. This dragonfruit flavor is no exception. The Stevia does a good job of not masking the flavor and the flavor itself is a nice, fruity flavor.

I don't see myself drinking coffee in the near or far future, but I do see myself drinking Bai for many years to come. Does that mean that I am going to go into coffee shops with a couple bottles of it, pull out my laptop and work for 8 hours while people are standing next to me awaiting seats in the worst laid out establishment ever? Absolutely not! You can have your seat, addicts.

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Mike Literman on April 10th, 2011
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