Traditional Guayusa TEa (1 review)

Runa Focused Energy Traditional Guayusa TEa

Runa Focused Energy Traditional Guayusa TEa

Did you know that in the original draft for Heart of Darkness the tale that Joseph Conrad told was very different? For one thing it took place in Ecuador and not Africa and secondly it had nothing to do with the ivory trade. Mr. Conrad was actually writing about his favorite tea, guayusa. Sure the general themes of savagery vs. civilization and racism were there, but the heart of the heart of darkness was tea. Ultimately it was decided that the subject of tea wasn’t gripping enough the world over (the English loved it), and it was swapped out for ivory and you have the story we all know.

I for one don’t give a rip about ivory. I mean sure I don’t want to think of the death of elephants so that man can have nice piano keys. I do on the other hand love me some tea, and guayusa is absolutely wonderful. It’s earthy with natural caffeine much like yerba mate. Runa makes it right. It’s lightly sweetened with only 14g of sugar in a 14oz bottle. I would enjoy it unsweetened as well, but it’s nice to have an option for a sweetened tea that doesn’t taste like someone accidentally dropped the whole bag of sugar in it.

Now you know the secret behind a literary classic. Do you feel dirty, or are you just thirsty?

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Jason Draper on June 13th, 2013
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