Zero Calorie Classic Lemonade (1 review)

Honest Ade Zero Calorie Classic Lemonade

Honest Ade Zero Calorie Classic Lemonade

Today is the first day of summer. If nothing else that means that lemonade season is upon us. The days are hot and sticky. Even sitting still sweat pours down your face. Everyone hates and loves it in equal amounts. Water and soda just won't cut it. You need something that gets down to the heart of the matter for pure unadulterated refreshment. You really only have two options a Slurpie from 711 or lemonade. Since Slurpies aren't always available lemonade wins out almost every time.

Honest knows how to quench a thirst. They also know that there are a lot of people watching their weight and sugar intake. Being the smart people they are they also know that artificial sweeteners are beyond gross. They like to keep it natural, so they went with stevia.

I just got home from work. I'm completely drenched with sweat, and I need to get ready so that I can meet up with the other Thirsty Dudes for tacos. I still took the time to sit back relax and enjoy this lemonade. It has a very natural lemon taste, but with the cold bite of stevia. You can't win 100% with diet, but stevia is the sweetener that will get you the highest percentage possible. Sit back enjoy and for goodness sake slather on some sunscreen. We don't want you looking like a lobster.

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Jason Draper on June 21st, 2011
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