Action Jasmine Green Tea (1 review)

Baagua Tisane Action Jasmine Green Tea

Baagua Tisane Action Jasmine Green Tea

Do not be thrown off by what looks to be lawn debris that hang out in the bottom third of this bottle. They are nothing more than jasmine tea, goji berries and orange peels. Some may say that it is fodder for a compost pile. I say that it is the makings of an incredible tea. This is the strongest bottled jasmine tea I have ever tasted, and rightfully so as it's "literally stewing in it's own juices." There is a slight hint of the orange and goji berries, but it's mostly just straight jasmine right up in your face.

A tasted this with some friends and all of them asked if we were supposed to filter out the tealeaves and such. I chose not to and just filtered them out with my lips/teeth. I enjoyed it that way. The bottle also says to fill it with water after the tea is gone and you can get a lightly flavored drink. Who doesn't love round two?

If you like jasmine tea you definitely should check this out. It's basically perfect.

United States
No Sugar Added
Iced Tea
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Jason Draper on August 11th, 2011
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