Black Plum (1 review)

Rob's Really Good Zero Black Plum

Rob's Really Good Zero Black Plum

Plum flavored drinks are not something that you see too often. Well, outside of an Asian market, and the plum drinks you find there are entirely different beasts that you simply want nothing to do with. They tend to taste like smoked mold. They are perhaps the worst beverages I have ever tried. I couldn’t even swallow a single sip.

Real plums are great though. I went to a flea market a few weeks back and the fruit vender was closing up so he sold me 10 plums for a dollar. It was a good couple of days. I miss those days. Rob’s does a great job with this drink and it actually tastes like you juiced a plum (well and then added some erythritol). I can’t think of any other drink I’ve had that tastes so much like a plum plucked out of nature. The sweetener isn’t too over powering and it actually gives it that specific bubble tea flavor. That is a taste that I will always love.

Rob’s knows what they are doing with drinks, especially diet drinks. Diet no longer means absolutely terrible in this day and age. With the amount of obesity in this country it couldn’t have come sooner.

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Jason Draper on October 30th, 2012
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