Chocolate Truffle (1 review)

Iconic Healthy Lifestyle Beverage Chocolate Truffle

Iconic Healthy Lifestyle Beverage Chocolate Truffle

Rarely on the side of never do I drink "meal replacement" drinks as such but today I did not eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day, so I did not have a choice. First thing I noticed, and this could just be me, is that this was a leaky drink. So leaky. The package was constantly leaking from the cap. Don't let that sway you from getting it. Let my review sway you from buying it.

This was completely laced with Stevia. It was so sharp. Calming down on that and letting some of the chocolate shine through would probably do wonders to this drink. It was thin, so do not expect a shake. It was closer to a thin chocolate milk. Or if you made chocolate milk with skim milk or some other poor life choice.

What would I do to fix this? Number one? Real sugar. I know it would increase the calorie count but it wouldn't leave me with a taste on the tip of my tongue. Look, I drank the whole thing. It wasn't terrible but it was kind of thin and overly fake.

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Mike Literman on October 9th, 2014
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