Cranberry Iced Tea (1 review)

Arizona Cranberry Iced Tea

Arizona  Cranberry Iced Tea

Sometimes you find yourself hanging out with a couple of friends in need of late night Chinese food. Those times are generally going to be good times. As we waited for our food to be ready last night we pursued the bodega next door. All of the usual suspects of crappy drinks were there. I decided to go with a raspberry Arizona. It’s been awhile since I drank one, and they are a nice treat from time to time. I grabbed the red can and as I pulled it out of the cooler I realized that it wasn’t raspberry at all, but rather it was cranberry. I had to stop for a second in disbelief that I didn’t know this flavor existed. Even before this site existed I was always on top of the new flavors of Arizona. I feel like I have failed in some way. I checked and sure enough we hadn’t reviewed it, so strange. I purchased the can, went back next-door to pick up my food and we went back to my friend’s house to eat.

The tea was basically the same as the raspberry tea, but with the raspberry traded out for cranberry. It has the same black tea flavored base as most of the Arizona flavors do, but the accent was different, which is always nice to have a new choice on the old 99cent shelf. It definitely actually tasted like cranberry juice, but without that dry bitterness that normally comes with it. It was overly sweet as most things Arizona are, but you know what you’re getting into when you buy a can. It wasn’t anything Earth shattering, but it was a decent inexpensive tea. I’d happily drink another can or a dozen.

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Jason Draper on March 18th, 2012
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