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Hubert's Half & Half Lemonade Tea Original Black Tea

Hubert's Half & Half Lemonade Tea Original Black Tea

Oh that little guy right there? Yeah I like those little guys. Well, except for that raspberry half & half; something about that just wasn’t quite right. Hubert, a company that makes some of the best ready to drink lemonade your mouth buds will ever encounter, is made by Hansens, who make some of the best natural soda those self same mouth buds most certainly love. I must admit that I don’t think they use the same lemonade in their half & halfs as they do in their glass bottle versions, but that is acceptable. Their lemonade is pretty darn sour, and to mix it with tea would require a whole lot more sugar than I am prepared to digest. My hypothesis is that they take that lemonade and go 50/50 with it and water. Then they mix it in with some black tea and let the party begin.

This is what I want all lemon tea to taste like. Far too often it tastes like cleaner to me, but this is perfect. It’s more tea than lemonade. It’s probably in the 60/40 range, which is just fine with me. The folks at Hubert’s didn’t go overboard with the sugar either as any companies are prone to do. There is a bunch in there, but it still taste like tea and lemons and not sugar water. Plus city.

Look at that little guy on the label. He’s giving you a quick little wink to let you know that he understands everything you’ve been going through. You had a rough week at work and now that you have time off it’s sweltering hot and you need to cool down to enjoy your day. He’s just saying don’t worry the contents of my body are here to refresh you. Just imbibe me and everything will be just fine….well that turned unexpectedly creepy.

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Jason Draper on July 21st, 2013
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