AGA Juice Mango

AGA Juice Mango

You know when your watching the Food Network and they make everything look easy? For instance, you know how they cut mangoes? They cut them in half, do some fancy pants knife work, turn the mango inside out and there you have it. A gorgeous, squared mango ready to do whatever you want. So, do that. I'll wait...

Now that your mango looks a fraction as awesome as Ellie Kreuger's, you're ready to go. Now smoosh up your carefully carved mango through a strainer. Do it one more time to get most of the chunks and pulp out and you've got this drink.

It's not bad at all and anyone who likes mangoes a little bit should enjoy this drink and although it's technically nectar, there isn't a lot of pulp and/or seeds. Some people, including myself, enjoy a lot of pulp, but you have to take a break every once in a while.

I picked this up at a local Halal market. This place was nothing to write home about and the service staff didn't say a single word the entire time Jay and myself were in there. This was good though and it comes with a stamp of approval from me.

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Mike Literman on January 12th, 2011