Arizona Asia Plum Green Tea

Arizona  Asia Plum Green Tea

This is an old favorite from my pre-Thirsty Dudes days. Man those were different times. I drank so much sugar back then and never thought twice about it. How was I not gigantic? I would easily drink at least three Arizona tall boys a day, not counting the other garbage I consumed. This wasn’t a constant back then, but that was only because it didn’t come in a 99 cent can and I only splurged on the extra half dollar when I was feeling special. It was a treat that I gave myself.

Most of my favorite drinks from that time period don’t really hold up for me anymore, because my body has changed and so much sugar makes me feel like garbage. Taking one sip of this brought me right back though. It was the early 2000s. All I did was play music and hang out with my friends. I was in my 20’s it was allowed. Hell, it’s still kind of what I do now. I had terribly dyed black hair and for some reason I tucked my t-shirts in. I was a catch I tell ya. I also existed on seemingly nothing but pizza and tacos, yet I never gained a pound. I wouldn’t say it was a better time, but it was a different time and I had my fun. I drank my teas and didn’t think twice about it. It’s no longer the cost that makes this a treat, but the amount of sugar (45g/bottle). It tastes sweet, but not to an extent that it hurts my teeth. It has that classic Arizona green tea flavor, that isn’t quite what other green tea tastes like, but it’s wonderful. On top of that the Asia plum adds just the right amount of flavor. I’ve had other Asian beverages that said they were plum and they tasted like moldy meat. This is the opposite of that. Wait, would that be fresh veggies? It’s not that, but it is delicious. I hope this flavor makes a comeback because you don’t see it much these days.

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Jason Draper on December 31st, 2016