Boylan's Cane Cola

Boylan's Cane Cola

This cola isn't really different than any other cola. Does that make it good? Possibly. I guess if you have a good thing, stick with it. For a company that has been around for over 100 years, I would say Boylans is a staple in the cola game. I might be disappointed if it did taste strange or different unless that's what they were known for.

"Strange tastes for over 100 years"

Who wants that tag line? How about something like:

"The taste you know and love, unchanged for over 100 years."

Probably better, right? This makes it hard to rate because although it's nothing different or special, it is the gold standard of cola tastes. I would go as far as saying that due to the age of this company, this would be the model of cola. Does that make it a 5? It certainly doesn't make it a 1. Is a 3 too harsh? I don't think they want me to expect anything more since it's such a classic.

I'm rating it a 4 because I give them full credit for keeping with what they believe in with the cane sugar and making a high quality cola. Glass bottles and a pry-off cap also a +1, even if I rarely have a bottle opener on me. It's classic. You could share this with your dad and grandpappy and they would say the same thing. That speaks to me, the consistency.

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Cane Sugar
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Mike Literman on September 20th, 2010
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