Briar's Premium Lemon Cream

Briar's Premium Lemon Cream

When I purchased this I thought that the ice cream company of the same name made it. It wasn’t until I was looking up the website that I realized that the ice cream company spells their name Breyers. Oops. It has the same name (different spelling) and it’s a cream based soda. I don’t think I was too far off base. Oh well.

Where Breyers makes quality ice cream, Briar’s makes a mediocre lemon cream soda. I wanted this to be a really creamy cream soda, but instead I got a bottle of lemon soda with trace amounts of cream. Actually, the lemon wasn’t even that strong. This would have been awesome if it was strong lemonade mixed with cream soda, but alas it’s lackluster lemon soda.

Briar’s red birch beer looks pretty great. I can’t wait to try that. Breyer’s Blasts Snickers looks more than great. It looks otherworldly. I should probably mix the two together and lose my mind for a while.

We received an email from the company asking us where we purchased this because this flavor has been out of production for several years. They also said, "It would be more like an antique bottle with liquid in it than a soda pop!" Ick.

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Jason Draper on January 23rd, 2012
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