Cawy Materva Diet Yerba Mate Soda

Cawy Materva Diet Yerba Mate Soda

Time for another installment to our diet section of the ever-growing list of drinks. See, dieteers? We care. We really do. So lose that weight and don't look back.

Initially, this smells like an energy drink. While awaiting the million Smarties flavor to invade my taste buds, I was happy/surprised to not get it. There is bitterness to this that perhaps in the non-diet version might be a little less bitter, but it's actually not bad. With the aspartame, I got a bit of the tongue pinching that you get with artificial sweeteners, but you get a strong tea and light, dry cola taste. It's not bad and it's definitely different. If you have the chance, get it and give it a taste. Expect it to be bitter, because the yerba mate is, after all, a tea.

Now, as you can see (hopefully) that I took a picture of my friend John drinking this. He wanted to put in a little review so here is his contribution to Thirsty Dudes:

While it resembles some foul-tasting energy drinks I've had, the resemblance is similar to the resemblance between a hot sister and an ugly sister. We've all seen them... you know they're sisters, they look somewhat alike, and they act a lot alike, yet one is hot and the other is butt-ugly.

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Mike Literman on October 25th, 2010
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