Chadwick Bay Lite Half and Half

Chadwick Bay Lite Half and Half

Splenda kills me. I can't deal with the taste of it and I might rather die of dehydration by the ultra-super-sweetness of it.

That aside, I will analyze this drink without that bit as many people are looking for a diet version of this classic beverage.

It's pretty good. It's got a nice, sour bite from the lemonade and the tea smooths it out. I would probably recommend this over an Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite because the aspartame in that is stronger than the Splenda is this so if you're going to be dieting and drinking a half and half, you might want more flavor and less fake sugar.

I am rating this as a diet drink, not as something that I would drink regularly. If you don't like all the sugars because you diet or just don't like sugars because you're 100 years old, I would drink this if I were you.

United States
Diet, Iced Tea, Lemonade
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Mike Literman on October 3rd, 2010