Cintron Sweet Tea

Cintron Sweet Tea

Do you think that Southerners get angry when they see people selling sweet tea in the North? Do people from Philly hate hearing about companies coming out with "cheese steak" stuff like pizzas and Hot Pockets? I know that when I'm not in Buffalo, I won't touch "Buffalo Wings" because I know they're going to suck big time. I lived about five hour north of Buffalo and the "Buffalo" wings were some of the worst wings I've ever had; well that and all of Buffalo Wild Wing's consistently.

Back to my original point. Do Southern people get upset when they see "sweet tea" drinks that their mama didn't make and think to themselves, "These idiots don't know the half of what sweet tea is." I always find it a bit audacious when companies do that because I've had authentic Southern sweet tea and I know that 90% of the "sweet tea" that's out there is just improperly sweetened junk tea.

Although this Cintron sweet tea isn't really "sweet tea" per se, it's not a bad beverage. There's no sting and it's sweet, but not sweet tea sweet, so if you just want a sweetened tea, you've almost got it. If they would have used cane sugar and not corn syrup, they would have been closer, but aside from Xing, companies who make tallboys don't really do it for quality. I know Cintron does make a quality line of tea in glass bottles so I'm letting them slide with this entry-level stuff. It's for the layman. I get it. You cover all gamuts.

Might want to just change the title to something like "sweetened tea" and release that or else you're going to get treated like Chevy Chase did in Fletch Lives where he was in the South. Poorly.

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Mike Literman on November 13th, 2011