Core Power Natural High Protein Milkshake Strawberry Banana

Core Power Natural High Protein Milkshake Strawberry Banana

Seeing as Derek is vegan and Mike doesn’t believe in strenuous activity I have become the de facto protein shake reviewer here at the offices of Thirsty Dudes. Of course by offices I mean my computer room in my apartment, Mike’s desk at his day job and wherever it is what Derek does his writing. We live the glamorous lives of the beverage reviewer and there is no one that can take that away from us.

I got done with my work for the day early, but no one else was around, so I decided to go on a bike ride. I meant to just ride around for an hour or so, and maybe check out some neighborhoods that I’ve never been to around my house. That led to a much longer ride that took me over nearly 30 miles of road. Did I mention it was ridiculously hot and humid as well? I don’t know if I have ever sweat so much in my life. I was literally able to ring sweat out of my clothes after I got home. After bringing my bike into the house I dragged myself to the kitchen and grabbed this out of the fridge, because of course what you want when you’re ridiculously dehydrated and are so tired that you don’t think you’ll be able to move much more is a nice milkshake that has bananas in it aka the worst fruit ever.

The protein gods were shining down upon me as this is the first beverage that I have ever had that contains banana that didn’t taste exactly like the grossest of all fruit. This has more of a creamy base with a nice strawberry flavor added to it. It’s light in flavor, but for some reason the banana flavor is hardly there. I certainly wish it would have been just strawberry in flavor, but I can’t complain about the minimum banana that I was presented with. It’s also sweetened with stevia, so perhaps it was that natural zero calorie sweetener that hid the banana for me. It also didn’t end up tasting very diet at all. This was actually down right enjoyable for a protein drink. I’m sure I would have liked it even more had I had more moisture in my body.

Of course as soon as I was done with this I downed a gigantic coconut water to rehydrate. It took about a half hour after that for my muscles to work again and then I was ready for new adventures.

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Jason Draper on July 6th, 2013
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