Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer

It's a deep burn! It's so deep! I can barely lift my right arm!

While Ron Burgundy wasn't drinking ginger beer in that scene, he probably would have said the same thing after drinking some of this. I knew i was in for a good ginger beer when there was a good amount of ginger settled to the bottom of the bottle. On top of that, the 2nd ingredient in this is ginger root, not ginger extract like a lot of ginger beer uses.

So like I said, this burn is strong, and lasts a long time. Even after you take a sip, you can still feel it burning inside your stomach. My lips are even a little tingly. This is definitely the most intense ginger beer I've had in a while. Even though the bottle is only 6.8 oz, it's hard to drink it in one sitting. It has a decent taste on top of the burn as well.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to drink a gallon of water to put out the fire in my stomach.

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Derek Neuland on October 22nd, 2010
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Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer