Found Infused Sparkling Water Elderflower

Found Infused Sparkling Water Elderflower

I would like to make a proposal to the International Drink Commission. I know that every year you esteemed folks choose a flavor that will be the trend for the next twelve months, possibly longer if people really eat it up. In the past it was cranberry, pomegranate and more recently acai. I can tell from this list that those among you have a preference for all thins anti-oxidant. I propose that in the coming year you move away from that theme and in the direction of something more unique. Ladies and gentlemen I put before you that elderflower should be the new flavor that is all the rage. Think about it, it’s fairly unknown and no one can deny that it is absolutely amazing. There are very few companies that use it in the beverages, and an even fewer amount that produce them in the United States. I see it as the clear choice for the new generation.

As an example of what we could expect I preset you with this bottle of Found infused sparkling water. It was slightly sweet and wonderfully floral. I know that may seem like a turnoff, but I’m not talking some rose flavored garbage here; this is elderflower and it has a very specific taste that it slightly floral while staying it’s own thing. It’s almost like it’s a fruit more than it is a flower.

It also has versatility. As you can see/taste here there has been very little sweetener added to this drink (they used beet sugar) and it is enough in addition to he elderflower to remove the seltzer taste from the sparkling water. It also tastes wonderful when it is in a highly sweetened taste. I myself prefer it like it is in Found, but you know people like variety, and elderflower can provide that.

Found has created a near perfect drink, that perfectly reflects what elderflower can do for the beverage world. Like your coveted anti-oxidants it has health benefits relating to detoxing as well as many others. When you look at this scientifically, like I know you all will, you will see that you really have no other choice. I swear this is not because I really just want to have this flavor more regularly available for personal use. I want it for the people!

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Jason Draper on March 23rd, 2014
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