Frostop Premium Root Beer

Frostop Premium Root Beer

Over six years ago Mike and I moved into an apartment together. The house number was 23, so we dubbed it "Michael Jordan". Now all these years, and an absent landlord later, I am moving out. Yesterday we moved pretty much everything. One thing I have to remark on is “where did I get all this garbage from?” I thought I didn't own much of anything, but I have so much crap. Ugh.

After a couple of hours of moving, I was completely beat. I went to the fridge and cracked open this cool frosty root beer. It was extremely refreshing. To be fair I was covered in sweat and completely beat, so anything that didn't taste like liquid garbage would have been welcomed.

Frostop has a classic root beer taste with some extra ingredients added. It tastes vaguely medicinal in a Moxie sort of way. It may just be that there is a lot of anise in it. I still enjoyed it, and guzzled down the bottle way faster than I should have.

I should go finish my move now, but instead I'm going to go wander around the woods with some friends.

United States
Sugar and or Corn Sweetener
Root Beer, Soda Pop
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Jason Draper on July 31st, 2011