Galliker's My Tea Lime

Galliker's My Tea Lime

Stopping at a gas station was difficult for James. He had a bit of a "thing" when it came to using public toilets. It seems that most times when he goes to use a rest stop bathroom, he has to get a key chained to a giant piece of wood and then when he gets into the bathroom it smells and there is almost all times feces on everything. James has had bad luck with bathrooms to say the least.

One time he went to a gas station in Maryland and needed to go to the bathroom. He knew what he was in for but knew that he had to go through it all the same. He talked to the attendant to get the key and the attendant was a kind, attractive young woman who said, "Oh, I'm sorry sir but our public bathroom is out of commission." James really had to go and the woman noticed and said, "Sir? If you'd like, you can use the employee bathroom. It's right through here." James light up like a Christmas tree. He was so happy that he was getting treated with respect and that someone was helping him out at a gas station for once. The bathroom was in immaculate condition and he couldn't be happier. He left the bathroom and thanked the woman.

Thirsty, James scoured the drink cooler and found a bottle of a lime iced tea. He thought that he had grown tired of lemon and regular iced tea and it was time for a change. He thanked the lady for the use of the bathroom and her sunny attitude and then left.

In his car, he took a sip and was once again pleasantly surprised. It was a naturally sweetened iced tea with a good but not overpowering lime flavor. James' bad gas station streak was over. He put his keys in the ignition, started the car, put the car in drive and began to drive off when he heard a loud sound. He stopped the car and looked around but didn't see anything. He continued to drive and as soon as he took his foot off the brake it made the same loud sound. He stopped the car and got out only to discover that his wheels had been stolen. His best gas station experience had promptly turned into his worst.

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Mike Literman on September 12th, 2013