Mogu Mogu Lychee

Mogu Mogu Lychee

I'll tell you what I love. Giving any drink with nata de coco or aloe vera in it to unsuspecting people. Who thinks that there are chunks in drinks? Who doesn't look at what they are drinking if it comes in a clear bottle? Suckers, that's who.

Onward to the review:

Way better than the apple lemon nata de coco drink I had last week. I'm not playing favorites, but this is better. The lychee gives it a nice floral aroma and the chunks were marinated with the hint of lychee so every time you bit into one, it's like a rush of flowers in your senses. The flavor isn't too sweet and doesn't have that poison sting that a lot of Asian drinks have.

This is on par with some lychee drinks I've had, which is good. Familiar. Familiar is good.

Chunky, Juice
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Mike Literman on September 28th, 2010