Plan Tea Organic Black Tea With Vanilla & Basil

Plan Tea Organic Black Tea With Vanilla & Basil

“Let’s make Plan Tea plan A.” You’re welcome for your new slogan. I’m sure the higher ups at Plan Tea have already thought of it, but come on it’s great. Actually it’s almost as great as the tea itself, almost. If this were only Darjeeling black tea it would be an excellent tea that would get a great rating on this website. The addition of the flavoring puts it through the roof and makes it one of the best ready to drink teas I have ever tasted.

Vanilla is an odd enough choice for a flavoring for iced tea. I’ve had it a few other times, but it’s not common by any means. Whoever suggested using basil is a goddamn saint. They must have had a direct line to some sort of god who spoke to them in a dream and hinted at the use of basil. It’s simply heavenly.

Both flavors are on the light side, but that it exactly how they should be. It’s also mostly unsweetened. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but the only sweetener in it is a single drop of honey. It doesn’t make it taste sweet by any means. It simply smoothes out the edges just a little bit.

I cannot exalt the greatness of this tea enough. Since the only place I have found this for purchase is over six hours away from me, I took my time and sipped it slowly. The next time I find myself in Brooklyn I’m going to have to stock up. If you or anyone you know are a fan of unsweetened iced teas I strongly urge you to give this a go.

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Jason Draper on October 12th, 2013