Powerade Zero Drops Mountain Berry Blast

Powerade Zero Drops Mountain Berry Blast

Are you a weakling? Do you wish you were strong like the muscle men on the TV? Are you afraid of hair loss and shrinkage? Well do we have the steroid alternative for you! Powerade gives you the “aid” to need to get “powerful.” See what I did there? The dumbest spelling out of a name’s origin you will ever see.

You may find yourself saying, sir I have seen Powerade around for years. Isn’t it just a knock off of Gatorade? Yes you would be correct, but Gatorade does not have these fancy little concentrate bottles that you can keep in your purse/fanny pack. This way you don’t have to worry about the bulk of the big bottles, and you can add it to water anywhere you go; your home, the gym, that fancy French restaurant you go to on your anniversary. Literally anywhere.

The real bonus of this product comes in the fact that you can squeeze to flavor it however you want. If you find regular Powerade too watery, you can just squeeze a little more in and make it a bit stronger. There are no calories and no sugar so there are no worries about how much you add.

This has that fake blue raspberry flavor that many drinks/candies have. You know what it tastes like, but it’s got sucralose, so it’s a tad on the diet side, but not much. It’s actually much better than I expected and I will probably drink more than one cup of it before passing it on to someone else.

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Diet, Mix/Concentrate, Sports/Dietary Supplement
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Jason Draper on July 15th, 2013
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