Powerade Zero Fruit Punch

Powerade Zero Fruit Punch

I liked high school. That doesn't mean that I was great at it, but I liked it. I took a lot of great technology, shop, and music courses my senior year and it was like the school I always wanted. In hindsight, I wish I had gone with a trade school versus a traditional...or three colleges.

Back to high school: In high school we only had a Powerade machine. One. Singular. That was the one and only vending machine in the entire school. I would talk to other kids that would have all these pop machine and snack machines and stuff. I was jealous. For this reason, since I was 16 (1998) I have had a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, Powerade, it's because I'm a dumb idiot. Also, for no reason, I thought that Powerade was slightly carbonated regardless of how many times people told me that it wasn't. Without exaggeration, I have not had Powerade since I was a junior in high school; Today that all changed.

Jay and I came across it and I knew that it was time to change everything. Why should I hold a grudge against a company because they offered us something when no one else would? I should have loved Powerade these past few years. After today I have these regrets. This whole time I was missing a decent line of drinks that, yes, is like Gatorade, I'll say it, but it's good. I think that the fruit punch was good. Maybe the "zero" of it all calmed down the sweetness but I did a good job clobbering nearly thirty-two ounces of it. It was good. If you like fruit punch but don't like the strange bite that it sometimes has and like the drinkability of Gatorade and hate calories, this is the drink for you.

I'm sorry, Powerade. My alma mater thanks you and that's coming from a cynical jerk. It's been a long time coming. Sorry, guys.

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Mike Literman on August 16th, 2012
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