Texas Yaupon Tea Original

Texas Yaupon Tea Original

Not often but sometimes companies contact us to review their drinks. Typically they have drinks that we just haven't seen and we welcome them with open arms. This one, though, just barely made it. We don't usually review hot tea. We have reviewed a few but for the most part, it's not really controlled and everyone brews their tea differently so it's a lot harder than just opening a bottle and drinking it. That being said, I was convinced to review this tea so I did it.

You've got green tea and you like it. It's nicely bitter with a nice, classic tea taste. It's been around for a trillian years. It's loved by most. Along comes good 'ol Texas and changes the game with their own bitter tea. Now we don't need to go overseas to get our beloved bitter leaves. This is right in between a green and a yerba mate in the taste. It's a strong tea but not something that was just found in the desert and turned into something. This feels almost native and recently "discovered" by the white man and sold back to the country. I don't think that's the case but it has such an earthy taste that it would take a push from someone to drink it instead of the previously mentioned teas.

I would say that I want to see more tea, iced, hot, sweet, et cetera made from this because I really like the taste. It's not for everyone because it is strong but to those that want a real tea and not a weak Earl Gray or something can have something now. I'm glad that I was convinced to drink this because it is just as good as advertised.

I should also be the big man and use my powers to let you know that this tea is made by a small company out of Texas and really believes in it. If you are a hot tea person, give this a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

United States
No Sugar Added
Hot Tea
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Mike Literman on June 25th, 2013