Third St. Unsweetened Green Tea

Third St. Unsweetened Green Tea

If I had a doppelganger, I assume he would live eternally on the other side of the world so we can never meet. Whenever I go to Australia, he comes to the states. We can never and will never be in the same place at once. If I moved to Argentina, my doppelganger would live in China. Why do I mention myself? Well I drink copious amounts of unsweetened black tea. Copious. I wouldn't be surprised if I drink a gallon a week. My Chinese counterpart would be drinking unsweetened green tea, naturally.

If I would be stuck on an island, this wouldn't be a bad iced tea to have. It's bitter and tastes like a nice, solid green tea but is still refreshing. The bitterness of a green tea is something special. It pulls out some sweetness from somewhere (magic) that makes it all come together.

If I drink that much black tea and it makes me as happy as it does, I'd like to think that there is a happy kid on the other side of the world that is just as happy drinking green tea buy the quarter gallon.

It doesn't matter, but you should know that I did my "hole through the center of the world" research on this site which is pretty cool.

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No Sugar Added
Iced Tea
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Mike Literman on August 29th, 2014