Uve Gourmet Weight Loss Sparkling Apple Pomegranate

Uve Gourmet Weight Loss Sparkling Apple Pomegranate

We have the facts and the answer is that a lot of America is tired of being overweight and unhealthy. Gym attendance is higher than ever and so is the purchase of low calorie foods. I for one am all for it. I’m not saying that the skinnier you are the better you are, but everyone out there please take care of yourself. I don’t want anyone out there starving themselves or purging. I just mean take little steps and put a little effort into things. When you do a little exercise and eat better you feel way better about yourself, and more importantly you feel better physically.

Uve is a company who takes low calorie foods a step further with ingredients such as WellTrim*iG, which they claim helps reduce body fat, promotes thermogenesis, supports healthy cardiovascular function, and helps to promote a healthy response to inflammation. The FDA hasn’t verified these claims yet, but let’s give these folks the benefit of the doubt. The soda also has a bunch of other ingredients to help with the metabolism of fats. These folks are taking the “diet” drink seriously.

When I first opened the bottle the smell was absolutely incredible. It was like someone smashed a bunch of apples and pomegranates and shoved my snout right in it. The taste didn’t quite live up to the fragrance though. It starts off as a mild pomegranate and quickly changes to apple, and even quicker it then tastes like apples that had been soaking in stevia overnight. There’s another flavor floating around there as well that I can only assume is the WellTrim*iG. It’s a weird diet-esque taste that doesn’t taste like any zero calorie sweetener I’ve ever tried.

As I said the drink doesn’t taste as good as it smells, but would you really expect it to? It’s a diet drink, and when you venture into that realm you know what to expect. The thing is that even though I have complaints with the flavor, they are fewer than I had anticipated. This is a superior beverage to almost any other low calorie or diet soda I’ve ever tried. They went diet, and somehow managed to make it taste remotely decent. Can you say the same?

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Jason Draper on September 18th, 2012