Woongjin Morning Rice

Woongjin Morning Rice

Son, it's time for breakfast. What do you want? Cereal? What kind? Sugar Smacks? Alright. Hurry downstairs, you've got to eat quickly or you are going to miss the bus. You know what happens when you miss the bus. You've heard that Kris Kross song, right? Oh, that's right, you're 11 and not an adult. I've got to brush my teeth and put my tie on, have a good day at school and don't forget to put your bowl in the sink when you're done with it.

{5 minutes elapses}

I told him to put his bowl in the sink. I also told him to use less milk and now there's a bowl full of milk and no milk left in the carton. I am not above drinking this and that is what I am going to do. That's not bad. That's actually pretty good. I like Sugar Smacks, but if I could just get the milk that would be awesome. I wonder if anyone has thought of it.

"Someone has thought of it, Tom!", screamed the television.


"A company in Korea named Woongjin has created a beverage called "Morning Rice" which tastes like cereal milk."

Well, how about that. I have to go to work, television, I'll talk to you later because I am a crazy person.

Couldn't Read Ingredients
Milk, Other/Weird
Reviewed By
Mike Literman on May 23rd, 2011