Xing Tea Half & Half Premium Tea & Lemonade

Xing Tea Half & Half Premium Tea & Lemonade

Can you get mad at someone if they only do 50% of a task but the 50% that they did do is stellar? I mean, you can't be totally mad at them, especially if it's something like your nephew coming over, telling you he's going to wash and detail your car, but right before he's supposed to start vacuuming up all your crumbs from eating toasted English muffins on your drive to work, you sister calls and tells you that little Mason has to come home. You assume that he's done so when you go into your car the next day and notice that there are still a mound of crumbs because you can't get up five minutes earlier to eat at the table like a civilized adult, you are a bit surprised. Here's the thing, though. He simply offered it to you. He didn't have to do any of it. He did half and to all of the people on your treacherous ride to work love the look of your clean Toyota Yaris sedan with the radio that looks like it had the display ripped off of a calculator you had in 3rd grade.

Xing has not let me down thus far. Yes, some drinks I like more than others. This I was interested in because it was their first endeavor to the realm of half and half. It's a tricky market because Arizona has been dominating the market and people's minds with their Arnold Palmer, which, in my opinion, isn't fantastic. This, though, is mostly just lemonade. I can't really taste the tea with the exception of at the very end where it might have been tea because it tasted differently but actually could have just been because the can was in the sun for a while.

Here's the thing...the lemonade was quite exceptional. It made me forget that it was a half and half at all. It's a strange predicament to be in where I have to rate a drink that I liked but didn't taste anything like what the label said. For that reason, I have to put it right in the middle.

If you like half and half, we've got tons on this site to check out, but if you like lemonade, you might just want to pick this up and forget that there is tea in it all together.

United States
Pure Cane Sugar
Iced Tea, Lemonade
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Mike Literman on May 22nd, 2011