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Harvest Bay Coconut Water Pineapple

Harvest Bay Coconut Water Pineapple

For decades of my life I was denied the joys of the pina colada. My hatred of coconut ran so deep, that I dare not even try this delicious mixture. Why no one ever told me that toasted coconut and coconut water taste vastly different I will never know, but those people owe me a whole lot of this stuff to make up for lost time.

If I have learned anything from movies and other media it’s that this is the taste of paradise. It’s what everyone is constantly drinking in tropical locations. I completely understand why. It’s extremely refreshing and it tastes wonderful. On top of that, whenever I drink some it gives me a relaxing sensation. It’s like I’m in a hammock in the shade of some trees on a beach just listening to the waves. What other drink gives you that experience?

This has a nice pineapple flavor that perfectly blends in with the coconut water. It’s also sweetened by palm sugar, which I have never tried before to the best of my knowledge. Even the sweetener is tropical with this drink. I need a vacation.

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Palm Sugar
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Jason Draper on November 3rd, 2014
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