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Flavrs Liquid Drink Mix Cherry Berry

Flavrs Liquid Drink Mix Cherry Berry

If I've learned one thing from my boss it's that you fill every receptacle in your house or apartment with water as soon as you her that something apocalyptic is about to happen. The water gets contaminated or water supply just gets cut. You end up drinking water of fish bowls and sand pails. For these reasons, you've got to spice it up any way you can.

While you are stocking up on bottled water if you are some sort of clean freak, you should stock up on these little guys. They are discreet and better than a lot of other drink mixes. It's organic, too so you can feel good about the lack of additives that are going into your system while you are absorbing countless radiation charges and poisons from whatever happened during the apocalypse. This is a good juice and doesn't taste like a mix at all. It is actually very cherry and somewhat berry tasting. Not too sweet although since it's a mix, you could make it as sweet or weak as you wanted. It might be the only fruit you're going to get if something happens to the crops.

My boss loves "end of the world" scenario shows and brings the "what ifs" into the office. We enjoy talking about it but not as much as he likes watching them. Also, nothing gets him madder than when they all get cancelled. Apparently no one else besides him thinks that preparedness is a skill worth learning.

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Mike Literman on September 30th, 2012
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