Tehbotol (1 review)

Sorso Tehbotol Jasmine Tea

Sorso Tehbotol Jasmine Tea

I want to see the sights, let's rent a scooter. We can travel to Hemmingway's house, maybe see some of his cats cats cats cats cats. Maybe we can see Harry Truman's house. Oh, we can see the US highway 1 start and end, depending on which side you are stranding on. Oh! We can go to see the southern most point of the United States. This island is pretty awesome.

$35 for this scooter seems awesome, but man, the speed limits are withholding to the power, or lack there of, in this lil' scooter. Wait, what? The cruise line said that we shouldn't rent these? Woops, we're cruising now and there's nothing than can stop us, except, of course, literally everything on the road. I'm thirsty. Let's stop at a corner store.

What's this? A juice box of jasmine tea? Well that sounds good so early in the day. Oh, wow. This tea is actually quite good. It's more of a perfume of Jasmine since it's so strong. It's refreshing and I feel like I'm spending time with an old Indian woman. Yes, she's nice.

Alright, let's take this baby out one more time and see what it can do. We can go buy some crap made out of seashells or made to look like seashells.

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Mike Literman on December 2nd, 2011
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