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Cascal Fermented Soda Crisp White: Pear, Apricot, and Magnolia

Cascal Fermented Soda Crisp White: Pear, Apricot, and Magnolia

Hello friends!

I am here today to tell you about a beverage I have tried. When you finish reading this, you will know the name of this beverage as well as my opinions on it. I believe this is the contract you have negotiated with the Thirsty Dudes. And, special bonus: there are pictures.

First things first, this is me, Catie (nice to meet you), looking very excited and mysterious about the beverage I have chosen: CAS CAL FERMENTED SODA CRISP WHITE WITH PEAR APRICOT AND MAGNOLIA FLAVORS.

When I began my search for the perfectly reviewable beverage, my criteria were many. I wanted something that I had never tried before, and that had never been reviewed by the Thirsty Dudes. I wanted something that could go either way: be really tasty or really gross. I wanted something that made me feel brave and a little bit crazy, like I was living on the edge. So of course, being the intrepid suburbanite I am, I went to Whole Foods.

After fifteen minutes standing in the individually bottled beverage isle, list of beverages already reviewed in hand, I began to grow disheartened. I honestly do not know how these Dudes are still Thirsty; they have sipped, slurped, and gulped nearly all of the Whole Foods inventory. After almost half an hour of reading cans, however, I found The One.

CasCal Fermented Soda Crisp White With Pear, Apricot, and Magnolia Flavors presented the perfect challenge. Apricots and pears are delicious; fermentation is not; magnolia is just weird. It is caffeine free, non-alcoholic, and has no added sugar. It is created through "the magic of fermentation" and self-described as "an alchemy of flavor." It should be tried with fresh salads or robust cheeses (but never both at the same time, I imagine).

Please join me as I take this journey.

CasCal Fermented Soda Crisp White With Pear, Apricot, and Magnolia Flavors: it's actually pretty good! It is tangy, mild, and just the right amount of sweet. The apricot and pear flavors are very crisp and bright. Overall, I'd say it's very "drinkable." The one thing I don't know about is the so-called magnolia flavor. I have admittedly never tasted an actual magnolia tree, but there was nothing in the soda that tasted how I would imagine. I'm pretty the whole "magnolia" thing is an elaborate lie.

Now, before trying Crisp White I was careful not to read the Thirsty Dudes' reviews on its CasCal Fermented Soda cousins; after all, I wanted to be fair. After taking a few notes, however, I went back and read them. I was surprised to see so much animosity toward the fermentation aspect of the soda. I honestly didn't taste anything that I would identify as fermented, and certainly no hint of an alcoholic taste. It's entirely possible, however, that I (being prone to partake in the occasional adult beverage) am desensitized to such flavors.

TO SUMMARIZE: I am Catie, I drank CasCal Fermented Soda Crisp White With Pear, Apricot, and Magnolia Flavors, and I give it three bottles.

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Catie Donnelly - Web Comic on October 22nd, 2011
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