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100% Fruit & Veggies Purple Rain (Beetroot-Apple-Grape-Black Currant)

100% Fruit & Veggies Purple Rain (Beetroot-Apple-Grape-Black Currant)
Do you think this product was named before or after Prince passed away? Not that it really matters, I just find myself curious about marketing strategies. I will choose to believe that whether it happened pre or post, it was meant as a tribute to the greatness that is the 1984 album/movie. I can picture a juicer in a room draped with purple velvet yelling along with Darling Nikki while squeezing the juice from a variety of produce, or you know to a lesser extent humming Computer Blue while mixing concentrates (which compose this juice).

I mean I know beets are more maroon that purple, but I get where they are going with this. Do you think Prince would only drink grape and beet juice to keep up with his image? I'll choose to believe, yes.

This tastes like an apple-grape juice that has a bit of beet mixed in. I could use it to be a little more beety and taste more like earth. Yes, that is what I want from juice, an earthy flavor. I know it's not for everyone, but it's for me. Even without the dirt taste this is still great. It gets a little sweet, so I'm not able to drink more than a small glass at a time, but who needs to drink more than that anyway?
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 1/15/18, 11:17 AM
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