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Aloe Gloe Crisp Aloe

Aloe Gloe Crisp Aloe
Children of the 80's rejoice! We have discovered the source of the Glo Worm glow. It was not batteries and light bulbs like we always suspected. In reality the glow from those weird toys was mass quantities of aloe juice concentrated down. Seriously though, what was with those toys? They were stuffed animals that had hard bulky insides, so they weren't cuddly at all. In addition to that they were dolls based on creepy insects that glow. I would water that 95% of all of the children who owned a Glow Worm would have been super grossed out had they come in contact with the real thing.

Aloe Gloe is an organic aloe vera based beverage that aims to help with digestion, the immune system and skin health. It is unlike most other aloe drinks I've tried before because it is not overly sweet (a mixture of cane sugar and stevia leaves it at 4g of sugar), and it does not have any chunks in it. It's a whole different world from the sugary treats I normally associate with the plant. Since it's going for a healthier approach that makes a lot of sense. The white grape flavor that I have come to associate with aloe is barely there, and everything tastes a bit watered down. It is a called “Organic Aloe Water” so that makes perfect sense.

This is an aloe drink for the grown ups who actually take their health into consideration when they eat and drink. I with that either the aloe flavor was a bit stronger, or that the stevia flavor was a bit weaker. Either would improve this beverage in my eyes.
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Jason Draper on 10/18/13, 8:58 PM
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