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Arteasan Green Tea Passion Fruit Elderberry Peppermint

Arteasan Green Tea Passion Fruit Elderberry Peppermint
Dear Readers,
I have to be honest with you, I am sick to death of stevia. Yes, I know it's the healthier zero-calorie sweetener, but a majority of the time it is in a beverage it becomes 60% of the flavor. I'm all for less sugar and calories, but I would rather forgo a sweetener altogether than have to taste this nonsense all the time. It's been a big part of the slowdown of Thirst Dudes (at least on my end). Almost every time I come across a new beverage that looks like it would be great, the S sweetener is listed in the ingredients. It becomes a heavy task to try to ignore the flavor and write a proper review for beverages.

This drink really jumped out at me though. Passion fruit is a definitely weakness for me, and elderberry is nothing to slouch at either. I just had to take the chance. Did it pay off? Well, not totally, but more than I expected. The stevia makes up maybe 35% of the flavor instead of the expected 60%. The fruit flavors are on the lighter side, as I believe they should be when they are just flavoring a tea. Sometimes I wonder why companies make teas instead of “juice drinks” when they go overboard with the flavoring and you can't even make out the tea. This is a green tea at its heart with some flavoring added to enhance it. I really don't taste peppermint at all, but I'm fine with that. Really, if it weren't for the stevia and they had just left this unsweetened I would have given it 5 bottles and raved about it. Unfortunately, all of the wonderful natural flavor gets muddled into a diet aftertaste. Who wants that?
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United States
Jason Draper on 1/4/19, 3:38 PM
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