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Blue Monkey Pure Coconut Water Coconut

Blue Monkey Pure Coconut Water Coconut
There is a small island off the coast of Thailand that is uninhabited, that is except for monkeys. Well, monkeys and coconuts. It is also home of the world's most depressed monkey. You see this little guy loves humans, and the other monkeys are total jerks to him. They steal his food, push him out of the trees when he's sleeping and worst of all they chase any human away that comes further inland than the beach. Those other dumb monkeys love playing games with the coconuts as well.

In order to get some revenge/spend some quality time with the humans on the beach, our sad little furry friend goes out at night, after he's been pushed out of a tree, and gathers all the coconuts he can on the beach. The humans then come and pick them up, give him some bananas and they have their own little games. Those few hours before the rest of the monkeys wake up are the best part of the little guy's day.

The humans take all of the coconuts, drain them and sell the liquid. They appreciate all the work the little guy does for them so they named their product after him. “Sad Monkey” didn't have the right ring to it, so they went with Blue Monkey. It's nothing but pure coconut water. It's refreshing, tasty and when you drink it you can think about how it brings joy to what is otherwise a lifetime drenched in misery.
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Jason Draper on 11/16/14, 2:40 PM
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