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Bunderim Ginger Beer & Guarana

Bunderim Ginger Beer & Guarana
I've been in Australia for about two weeks now. Let me tell you, eating vegetarian and avoiding eggs and cheese is not an easy task here. As a result I've spent my fair share of time at grocery stores cobbling together meals that I don't need to cook. I kept seeing 4-packs of this ginger beer, but I've been trying to limit my soda intake so I was hoping I would come across single cans in a gas station. It didn't happen, but I did find a 4-packs today on sale for less than a single bottle of Bundaberg is, so I grabbed it to share.

This is fantastic. I wasn't quite sure how the guarana would mingle with the ginger, but they got "right chatty" as I'm sure someone around here would say. As it turns out they combine into something great. The result really reminds me of Skeleteens sodas from the 90s (Brain Wash/Love Potion 69).
The ginger doesn't have a typical burn. It's transformed into something new. It tastes intense and almost hurts your throat to drink it. I mean that in a very positive way. So much for limiting my soda and sharing. My mom is going to be so disappointed in me.
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Jason Draper on 6/25/17, 7:38 AM
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