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Cabo Sparkling Water Pomelo/Grapefruit

Cabo Sparkling Water Pomelo/Grapefruit
Have the tides changed for taste buds? Have I just been told what to like and accepted it? I never used to like seltzer until a couple of years ago, then I tried the Polar vanilla and my life changed. It seemed around that time, or shortly after, that new brands started popping up and it started showing up more places. Was that all coincidence, or were darker forces at work? I mean I'm all for dark forces if they are working to make people consume healthier things. I would just like to know if my thoughts are my own. Let's be honest here, seltzer is the new iteration of the pomegranate phase. It's everywhere and no one really remembers asking for it, but we enjoy it. Whatever, It's zero sugar and it has bubbles to scratch my throat. I'm on board.

I had never heard of the Cabo company until I came across a four-pack of these cans on sale for one dollar. That's not a deal you pass up. The grapefruit flavoring is on the lighter side of a bunch of other companies I have tried similar products of, but there is a vague almost floral taste that lays underneath it. It's makes it a more unique flavor, but keeps it refreshing. Everything about this carbonated bottle is fairly laid back, just like I imagine a vacation would be in the tourist haven of Mexico. Man, that sounds horrible. I simply do not do well with laid back and relaxing. I need to always be on the move. How about you go to Cabo and I'll head to Mexico City and we can exchange stories afterwards. I'll be the one covered in sticky mango juice from eating three times my body weights' worth.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 3/3/18, 3:20 PM
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