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Canna Energy Hemp Supplement Original

Canna Energy Hemp Supplement Original
Now I am a person who lives a sober life. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol in twenty years, and I don't partake in any drugs. I understand the allure and I know they are fun, but they just aren't for me. That being said, when I was just in Denver I went to a weed dispensary, or a “Weedery” as I like to call it. It was amazing watching my friends in there. It was like watching them in a THC filled candy store. Actually, that's exactly what it was as they bought gummies suckers and all sorts of treats. I like seeing people genuinely excited and happy, even if it's not my thing. A couple of days later I came across this energy drink and I thought it was my turn to get in on the fun, as we had a dumb overnight drive, and that is where I shine.

I really hope for everyone else's sake that their candies tasted better than this beverage, because it was pretty gross. Other hemp drinks I have tried tasted like rope, but this just tasted like candied poison, in a very different way than most energy drinks do. It had this horrible aftertaste that almost tasted like Vemma, if it had spoiled. I couldn't even make it through the can, even though it was 4am and I was driving from Portland to San Francisco. Now that's bad.
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Jason Draper on 3/23/15, 8:45 PM
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