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Joby Joe's Root Beer Float

Joby Joe's Root Beer Float
Rocket Fizz sure does put out a lot of soda. Sure, they release them under different sub-brands, but all in all they have about six dozen different flavors. That is unheard of for a small company. I don't even know if Pepsi or Coke have that many flavors domestically.

This specific flavor is in honor of Joe. I'm not sure who Joe is exactly, but if the internet is to be believed he is either the owner's brother, or else it has something to do with them being on Undercover Boss. Whoever he is, he may be homeless, as proceeds go to an unnamed homeless organization, or else he really just loves the woods, because the bottle says “Enjoy the outdoors.” Perhaps he become homeless because he loved being outside so much and just wanted to commune with nature forever. The only thing I know for sure is that I have found very little concrete information about this gentleman.

I expected this to be an extremely creamy vanilla root beer. Root beer floats have a very specific taste (well depending on what brand of soda you use), and the contents of this bottle just did not meet my expectations. The root beer flavor itself is nothing special, and the something extra that would be the taste of the vanilla ice cream isn't what you would expect. It instead just tastes like a general root beer with something else mixed in. Unfortunately that something else doesn't really improve the flavor at all. If you were to go into this blind and not be told that it was supposed to be a root beer float, it would be a completely serviceable soda. Knowing how it should taste it leaves me wanting.
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Jason Draper on 5/31/15, 10:31 PM
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