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Lakefront Brewing Inc Golden Maple Root Beer

Lakefront Brewing Inc Golden Maple Root Beer
You know how you get served a giant mound of pancakes and you pour that golden syrup all over it to give it a nice sticky sweetness that you love so much? Oh you do, well can you explain it to me because I think that it is disgusting. In fact I eat my pancakes completely dry. That's right, not even butter gets spread on my cakes. I'm sure that second fact makes me look like a sociopath of some sort, but I simply do not like syrup.

I've given many maple flavored products a chance over the years and they simply don't do it for me. When I picked this up I thought to myself, “Well, I have to do it.” Lucky for me I only get the faintest, if any, maple flavor in this bottle of root beer. Actually the most notable thing about this soda is that it may be the crispest root beer I have ever tried. It's like someone took a regular root beer and an unflavored soda that was pure crispness and mixed equal parts and put just the tiniest dab of maple syrup in it. The result is that even the root beer flavor isn't very strong, but it's there enough to be pleasant.

This is a different type of soda, and I can appreciate it for that, but if anyone got this and was excited to get some maple flavor they would be sorely disappointed.
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Jason Draper on 1/14/16, 8:59 PM
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