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Margaritaville Iced Latte Calypso Coconut Fudge

Margaritaville  Iced Latte Calypso Coconut Fudge
I thought this wasn't bad. Well, let's be honest for a second here. I bought it because I thought that it would be a funny review because it's Margaritaville and the Thirsty Dudes don't drink. That being said, I did go to a Margaritaville in Las Vegas and it wasn't too shabby. It wasn't the best jerk chicken I've ever had but you know what? It's fine. It was good and I was hungry and I would actually say as much as I might go back. Go ahead. Call the cops. I'll wait. call the cops.

This, though, this was not as good as my previously mentioned jerk chicken. This started out good and I was surprised. Then something happened. The true colors of the garbage ingredients had a chance to shine through and rear their ugly heads. The coconut was strong and the "fudge" was very strong and tasted very fake and super chocolatey. After a while, it almost had a numbing sensation and I'm glad that I only had to endure half the medium sized can because drinking the whole can would have truly displayed an element of self-hate. If this was served in shot glasses, or the same sized container that Five Hour Energy drinks come in, we would be fine. It's not. Fifteen ounces...fifteen ounces is a bit more that I can imagine drinking. I have half a can of it in the fridge and I feel that there will be some toilet alligators might find themselves energized and caffeinated soon. Watch your butts.
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Mike Literman on 7/1/19, 11:23 AM
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