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MET-Rx NOS Pumped Nitro Grape

MET-Rx NOS Pumped Nitro Grape
Are you ready to get PUMPED?!?!?!!? You know, jacked, swole, juicing your pecs? Yeah, me either. I go get exercise, and go to the gym a few times a week, but I'm not looking to get super muscular like a body builder. I just want to be healthy (physically and mentally) and feel good about myself. Being as I feel a bit worn down, due to staying up late watching bad horror sequels, and that I've spent all morning/afternoon painting my basement because I am an idiot that gets ideas in his head and needs to see them through. Seeing as today is a gym day for me it seemed like a good time to drink this little one down. It contains caffeine to give your work out a boost. I'm sure today it will bring me back up to a normal state. This beverage also contains Arginine to aid with circulation as well as glycerin to hydrate you. There is also Citrulline Malate in here, but it doesn't say what it's for. The assumption is something work out related, but perhaps it's for mind control or to track your internet searches. Who knows?

Now that I know, or assume to know, what this is doing to my body I can concentrate on the taste, which is that of a melted Freez-E-Pop, that hasa slightly diet flavoring to it. I have to be honest , although that isn't the greatest flavor, it's exactly what I was hoping it would taste like. I wanted that nostalgia and fake grape taste. Welp, I got it and I'm ready to run 20 miles, or two. More likely two. Possibly three. I'm really bad at running.
Diet, Energy Drink and Sports/Dietary Supplement
United States
Jason Draper on 1/24/18, 12:48 PM
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